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Classic car restoration on a budget

As classic vehicle restorers and enthusiasts we fully understand that not everybody wants their classic to have a fully blown restoration.

We find it is sometimes best to have small affordable areas restored on your vehicle, this way allows you to use and enjoy your vehicle throughout the rest of the year. Lets face it… you brought your classic to drive and enjoy and not to have it stuck in a garage for years on end.

We will also help you if you are carrying out your own restoration work and if you are not confident on certain areas, we will help you out by doing the work you cannot.

You will still have the same, fully professional restoration work carried out on your car but you will have the peace of mind knowing that once the area that is affected has been restored, it is done to a high standard to last, we are a firm believer in “do a job once, do it right “.

We are more than happy to carry out work on a small area even if you don’t have any more done for the next year or two even once your budget allows you to. The best thing to do is call and discuss your requirements, we would love to help you if we can.

Having just a small area of work carried out at a time will keep your classic on the road while being gentle on your budget.


If you have small areas of body restored we are also willing to organise the same with the pain for you.

Small areas

if its just a small section that is effected then we can cut the whole area out and fabricate a new section to save replacing the whole panel.


If you require just a small amount of mechanical work completed then give us a call.