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Since the establishment of Lee Scott classic cars in 1996, we have been restoring classic cars from all over the world to exceptionally high standards. Lee Scott's personal early experiences and apprenticeship was working on legendary marques Rolls Royce and Bentley so this has have set the tone for the fully professional restoration services we offer today.

We will consider all marques for restoration, and specialise in Jaguars, particularly E-Types. Remember - we can come to you to collect your vehicle, so you can call us whether you are in Colchester, the wider area of Essex, or indeed anywhere in the UK, Europe or the world.


Our tried and tested methods work for almost all classic vehicle restoration and is a very personal experience for each specific customers needs. Weather its a complete full nut and bolt rebuild so your end product is as good and quite often better than when it was new or just a light restoration that retains the vehicles patina and originality but fully restores the use of the vehicle both bodily and mechanically.


When starting on your classic vehicle project we will strip every component from your vehicle, assessing the condition of each item. Any item that will need to be replaced will be listed ready to be ordered at this stage. Each item will be bagged, marked and listed ready to be boxed so we know exactly where each item is located. these items will be placed within our storage area for later requirement.


The bare shell of the vehicle is now chemically paint stripped to remove many years of paint and old body filler. If it is possible we will remove obvious damaged panel work that will be replaced as there is no need to blast these areas and quite often it will give better access for the sand blasting.  We will then take the vehicle to our onsite sand blaster to media blast the shell to remove the remainders of the old paint and body filler and remove as much as the corrosion as possible. Its at this point we can see all the corrosion and damage that has occurred over the vehicles life. The vehicle is then cleaned and painted in a black etch primer.


The body restoration begins at this point and although many photos are taken throughout the project, many will be taken of the body restoration to back up each invoice. Panels are ordered and once we have received them we will  then continue to rebuild your vehicle. 

Some projects require us to fabricate many of the panels due to being coach built vehicles or just unobtainable, we are able to fabricate many of these panels with the machinery we have accumulated over the years. 

One thing we are very fussy about is gaping of doors, boot lid and bonnets and we quite often get these better than original. During this process we will also carry out dry fits on many components so we know that once painted these will fit with minimal adjustment.

Alvis TE21 Full Body Restoration

Citroen Traction door skin fabrication

Jaguar series 1 OTS Flat Floor Chassis 850324

Series 3 Etype bonnet restoration

Rather than replace whole panels, we were able to restore many of the areas more cost efficiently than fitting whole new panels.

1931 Citroen Rear Floor Section

We are able to hand fabricate many panels in house.


After all the hard work, this is the area everybody can see so this reflects all the hours that has been put into the vehicle so far, it’s also one of the exciting areas where your car is transformed and brought back into life. We have our choice of painters or again if you require an alternative we will be more than happy to assist.

Mini Rose

Alfa Romeo Alfetta

Series 2 Jaguar Etype

Interior Trim

Although we don't produce our own bespoke trim, we do fit trim kits and can renovate your tired old interior in either leather or vinyl.

Weather its a new headlining or a new soft top that needs fitting we have the skills and experience to help you out.

BMW 633 seats

The before and after of seats repaired and recoloured by Lee Scott Classic Cars

MGB seats, trimmed using a Newton Commercial Kit.

Mini Headlining

Jaguar Etype hood.

Any items that need powder coating, zinc plating or a chrome dip are taken for their respective treatments.

We reassemble the car. At this stage, any other modifications are fitted - for example; safety upgrades or any other genuine, period upgrades you require. We organise the trim at this stage so it's ready for when the car is fully assembled.


We then tend to all steering, axle geometries, etc. making sure the car is also set up and tuned.

Although its not a legal requirement for a vehicle over 40 years to have an mot, we strongly recommend it for insurance purposes. An MOT is performed and the car is road tested. Once you are happy with the vehicle it will be delivered.

Please remember that the vehicle has been in total pieces and will need plenty of usage to settle in, so once in your possession we ask you to use the car and report back with anything that may need our attention.