Need some professional help with your classic car?

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From a full mechanical chassis overhaul to MOT work or just reassembling your car, we can cater for your needs give us a call.

We try to keep as much as possible in house and are more than happy to carry out routine maintenance work

We can rebuild your current engine, gearbox or differential or if its more viable we can steer you in the right direction of other trusted companies that we use. Sometimes its more cost effective to send your unit to somebody who specialises in a specific make or type and we recognise this.

We can refurbish your entire braking system or just get you back on the road, it doesn't always have to be a full mechanical rebuild.

Chassis rebuilds

We can take your old chassis and fully rebuild it back to new including the brakes, engine, gearbox and rear axle.

If you require only a small section done at a time ie just the brakes or maybe just the chassis we are more than willing to help you out.

Braking system

If your brakes are a bit poor on performance then we could adjust them up for you or if required fully rebuild them and carry out such modifications as fitting a remote servo if required.

Engine rebuilds

If you require your engine to be rebuilt we an help you out, if we think its going to be more economical to send it away to another company that specialises in your particular marque, we will say and try and get you a good deal. At the end of the day we are here to help you get your car back on the road. 

Tune up

Is your engine running a bit rough and in need of a tune up, come and see us.

We can give you a tune up, replace your ignition system or rebuild your carburettors. We also recognise that some of the older more tired engines need that experience that is required when getting the best out of your engine, years of expertise and knowledge and a good ear for tuning is needed..

Servicing Your Classic

If you are in need of a full service to your classic vehicle then we can help with our skilled mechanics.


Although its not a legal requirement for a vehicle over 40 years to have an mot, we strongly recommend it for insurance purposes. We can organise your MOT for you for us to submit to our MOT station we use who are sympathetic with and understand classic cars.