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The 80s

We have notice that there are more and more of the 80s cars now being booked in to us for a variety of work and are now discovering that there is a lacking of companies that have the ability to carry out such work as electrical faults etc. 

I personally remember when these cars were new and driving round our roads which is a strange feeling for me as they are now modern classics that the next generation of classic car enthusiasts are collecting. 

When cars started to get complicated

The modern classics are a lot more complicated that the cars from the decades before due to the electronics the manufacturers started to install into them. This is where we can help with our auto electrician Matt who worked on these throughout his career. He has the knowledge and expertise to carry out the work on most 80s and even early 90s classic cars.

Give us a call

If you get stuck for a company willing to work on your modern classic then give us a call. We are more than willing to help, we have worked on cars from an 80s Mini's through to Ferrari Maranello's.