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Our Team

Find our more about our family run restoration business, located in the beautiful Essex countryside.

Lee Scott

Lee was born in 1969 and is a total petrol head, never drives about in a normal modern vehicle and is dedicated to his work.

To sum lee up his every day vehicle is a 1965 Californian imported VW split screen camper called “SID” that is a rat look but with original patina and has a skateboard on the front…….why a skateboard?….”because I can’t surf!!!”

Olly Scott

Olly was born in 1996, the same year as lee started his business, Olly has grown up with cars and started to help his dad when he was 13, learning how to gas and mig weld and fabricate panels. He is now a skilled classic car restorer himself..

Olly's first road legal car was a 1965 rat look vw beetle, slammed to the ground!! Not being one for the modern car he now drives a bright orange 1976 vw polo that’s a bit lower than normal.


Buster is an integral part of the team, overseeing every build in the workshop. You'll normally find him next to the heater in Winter or near anybody with food.....especially crisps!

Steve Peterman

Steve AKA Uncle Albert served his apprenticeship with Jaguar Motors and is a lifelong skilled mechanic. He moved to the USA in the 70's and started up his own company specialising in Jaguar, he was known as Mr Jags to everybody and the perfect mixture of an English Gent working on the quintessential English car was a huge success. He eventually retired back to the UK but likes to keep himself busy and cannot keep away from getting his hands dirty. To this date we still not sure how old he is but he has said he has over 60 years experience on Jaguar cars and we did hear him say once "During the war".

Reuben Dyer

Reuben took a liking to classic cars at a young age when he was inspired by his father while helping him on his MGB.

When he was at school Reuben took the option of a one day a week collage course in mechanics which took his interest further.

While on work experience he was offered an apprenticeship when he left school with a local body shop and snapped up the chance and worked on a variety of modern and classic vehicles but decided that working on classics vehicles was the path he wanted.